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Unkempt about those hedges blows
an unofficial English rose.

Extract from 'The Old Vicarage, Grantchester' by Rubert Brooke, 1912

Here are some Classic, some Old, some Brand-New and some True Stories that have been carefully selected for you to enjoy during a lazy afternoon, a quiet evening or an idle moment for yourself.
Just click on the title of your choice, sit back and let the story unfold.


True Short Stories for You to read online:


Classic Short Stories for You on a Lazy Afternoon:

Wise Old Tales for a Quiet Evening:

"Where are you rushing to" said he Tree to the River, "you are
always in such a hurry".
I have many stories, really important stories Tree, I have got to
get them to the sea as quickly as possible.
"And is the wind going to help you" said the Tree.
"Sometimes" said the River, "but the wind can be friend and foe,
it is I alone am the storyteller."

(A Tale from Ireland)

New Short Stories for You on a Lazy Afternoon:

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And finally,
before you close this book
and take your coat from the hook,
do not forget that old worn-out hat.
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