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A picture is a poem without words
Horace (65 B.C. - 8 B.C.)

Exhibition 'Human Faces'

by Jef Franssen
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The Collection

Most of the illustrations in Book of Tales and some more can be found here. They are all the work of our in house artist and draughtsman
Jef Franssen.
Images of your liking can be viewed in full size by simply clicking on the particular drawing.
You also have the possibility of downloading the picture for your private use.

Click on the drawing or its title to view a specific group.

        Jef and the rest of us at Book of Tales would be very grateful if
        as a token of your appreciation
                you could drop a coin
          in the old and worn-out hat.
Pictures are not to be used for commercial or business purposes without prior permission in writing from the artist!
To contact Jef please drop a note in his Mailbox >>
© Jef Franssen 2007
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