The Blind Priest

A short Tale with an eye-opening Twist
based on True Events

By Brigitte Franssen
Illustrated by Jef Franssen

Once upon a time, but really not that long ago, there was a devout and humble priest. The priest never, ever doubted God's existence. And he strongly believed, no, he knew that God would always be there for him. The priest saw God as a Father; a loving and caring father, who loves all.

Each morning the priest would sit still for 20 minutes and speak to
his God. The priest knew that God was listening. He could feel the connection, although he never, ever heard the response. For he only saw God as a father, a loving and caring father, who loves all, while He, She, It is so, so much more than that.
"Split a piece of wood and I am there
Lift up a stone and you will find me there.
The Universe came forth out of me
And to me the Universe has come.

Don't forget it!

I am the light
that is above all
I am All." i
Blind to all that his God was and is, the priest could not hear Him.
The End

Now, my dear friend
we have come to the end
just like that.

But before you go
and say cheerio
click on that old hat.

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