The Runner

A short story highlighting a long forgotten Truth
Written by Brigitte Franssen and illustrated by Jef Franssen

It is the day of the big race. A whole year he has prepared for this; pushing himself and his body further and further. He has neglected the pain and sacrificed not only his work but also his friends and family. But a win today, would mean so much to him.
The runners are gathering at the start line. He is secretly checking them out. He is nervous. He knows he is the favourite to win but that cannot calm his nerves. Too much effort and pain has gone into this. He has to win.
Somebody wishes him good luck. He barely hears it. All his focus and concentration is on the race ahead. The sound of a shotgun echoes through the stadium and off he goes.

At the same time a few miles from the stadium a man puts on his running shoes for a run on the beach. He is not in the best of shapes and his left knee is a little weak. He looks at his dog, lying beside him, waiting patiently for him to get ready. Then off they go, the man together with his dog.
As the man runs, he can feel the soft resistance of the sand under his feet, the wind going through his hair and the sun burning of the sweat on his skin. He loves all this and could not live without it. He loves watching the dog enjoying their run and a bit of sand digging and swimming in between.
He sees that the dog has stopped to check out something that probably smells very interesting. The man runs on alone, sure that the dog will catch up.
Soon enough, he hears the dog approaching. The dog is running at full speed. The man accelerates as well. He is running as fast as he can now. He can feel the power in his body, the strength of his muscles, the thrill of the chase and the freedom of movement and speed. With great ease the dog catches up with him.

Back at the stadium the runners cross the finish line. A quick glance at the scoreboard reveals that the favourite won. Important people are congratulating him. All the hard work paid off and is forgotten. He is the fastest runner in town.
And the Heavens smile down on the winner; there on the beach, lying exhausted next to his dog. Nobody sees him. Nobody comes to congratulate him. Nobody knows he is a real winner, not even he himself.
He is not in the best of shapes and his left knee is a little weak. But in the eyes of the angels he is by far the best runner in town.
And the dog does think so too.

~ The End ~

Everything, which has praise from the world, is unnoticed in Heaven.
Everything, which is unnoticed by the world, is kept in Heaven.


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© Brigitte Franssen 2009
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