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Book of Tales has all kinds of tales and stories but below
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Carried and preserved by word of mouth for centuries, or maybe even millennia, traditional tales were designed for two purposes:
1. To entertain us regardless of our age, gender or class;
2. To help us all, young and old, to make sense of our ever-expanding inner and outer worlds (either in realistic or symbolic terms).
Never were these old tales solely intended for children.
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"Where are you rushing to" said he Tree to the River,
"you are always in such a hurry".
I have many stories, really important stories Tree, I have got to
get them to the sea as quickly as possible.
"And is the wind going to help you" said the Tree.
"Sometimes" said the River, "but the wind can be friend and foe,
it is I alone am the storyteller."

(A Tale from Ireland)

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After Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger,
but before the trees, brambles and thorns shielded her castle from
the outside world
there was this moment...

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Arabian Tales from the Book of a Thousand Nights
and A Night

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