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At the end of the day, just before the sun goes to sleep,
Dimmity Dimpsey comes along. She shines her soft glowing light from the sky to tell you to say the day goodbye. That it is time now to slow down and enjoy her beauty that will only last so long as the night is being born.
Dimmity Dimpsey is the name of the Twilight in county Devon
in the South West of England.


Sweet, Cherished Lullabies with charming illustrations to read and listen to online

When an Indian child is born, the elders say to the parents:
"This child is lent to you by the Creator. This child is not your own.
So take good care of this child. Bring it up right. Teach it about the Great Spirit. Teach it to be generous, brave and courageous."

Chief John Snow
of the Stoney Indians, Alberta

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