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Authorities victim of poisoning

Appeal to public for help

For years and years the authorities have been aware of poisoners being active in every area and every layer of society. Although their identities are known they are unable to do anything against these poisoners, due to corruption and settled business interest. In fact the authorities have often supported and protected these poisoners through their legislation, subsidies, grants etc. and continue to do so. But now, there have been strong indications that the authorities themselves have become the victims of the poisoners and their poisonings.
The symptoms related to exposure to poisons vary from simple allergies and confusion to respiratory problems and depression.ii
While cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, arthritis and anxieties, depending on hereditary conditions, illnesses and injuries, are all promoted by poisons and toxicity.i
According to the experts, the confusion of authorities about what is good and what is wrong plus their anxieties about their own material and financial welfare, are the advanced symptoms of poisoning and the authorities' rising toxicity.
The moment the authorities realized this they immediately took action and tried to remedy the situation by installing a special committee, hiring consultants, employing more security and other staff, raising taxes and raising their salaries and benefits. But none of these remedies have worked. Now, in a last and desperate attempt to stop the poisoning the authorities reveal what they have concealed for so long and appeal for your help in trying to catch these poisoners.

The Food Poisoner
In the old days many kings and noble men lived in fear of food poisoning and would not eat their dinner before some innocent servant had tasted it. To overcome this problem the food poisoners changed their tactics. Instead of killing somebody quickly which immediately raised the suspicion of poisoning, they now use poisons that will kill very, very slowly. It can be years before serious health problems arise. Their change of tactics has been successful, as these health problems will very rarely be linked to the poisoning. So nowadays, there is hardly anybody anymore who will not eat something out of fear of poisoning.
The food poisoner can choose between different poisons such as fungicides, pesticides, artificial colourings, flavourings and stabilizers.i
Then, there are of course the poisons that will blend perfectly in a drink. Chemicals from industrial and agricultural sources plus chemicals used to bleach, disinfect and deodorize water can all be ingested by drinking plain tap water without the drinker noticing anything strange.ii
Most of the time though, the food poisoner will not work with just one poison but use a mix or maybe even, all of them together.

The Beautician
The Beautician makes use of the fact that anything that is put on the skin, is to a certain extend, absorbed by the skin and transported through the body. She used to focus solely on women, but in recent years the beautician has extended her working area and is now also targeting men.
Her absolute favourite poisons are harmful and dangerous petrochemicals. Many personal care products used daily on your face, skin, teeth and hair are made from these. Beside these she can choose harmful chemicals like aerosol propellants, fluoride, ammonia and artificial fragrances, colours and flavours.ii
She is also known to use common cleaning products as a way of poisoning. Not only can these contain chemically derived toxic substances that are absorbed by the skin but at the same time they emit dangerous and volatile fumes.ii

The Air Polluter
The air polluter has a whole array of poisons to his disposal. Beside the fumes from cleaning fluids and artificial fragrances already mentioned above, he can choose between industrial emissions, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes or fumes from building materials and furniture, to name just a few. In particular the latter two are popular as they release undetectable but very dangerous fumes.ii
In the 1950 one of his favourites was the use of asbestos and paints containing more than fifty percent lead. When legislation, a rare move by the authorities against poisoners, made it impossible to use these poisons, air pollution suffered a real set back. But this set back was quickly forgotten when more and more plastic and synthetic building materials where invented and introduced. Together with the airtightness of modern buildings air pollution is back in business like never before.ii

The Medicine Man
Throughout the centuries the medicine man has been the most successful of all the poisoners. He works under the cover of being there to help you. As the helping hand you so desperately need, he will promise that you will feel so much better after taking his potion. Or, if that tactic doesn't work, he will scare you by saying that you are really, really ill and really need to take this medicine or else….
By using his cover and working tactics the medicine man has absolutely no problems luring his victims in. But most drugs including many over-the-counter medications such as laxatives, painkillers and indigestion tablets contain dangerous and toxic substances.i And although these drugs treat the symptoms, they also suppress the body's natural healing mechanism, effectively driving the disease further into the body where it will surface when the body is weakened.2 So if the dangerous and toxic substances in his medication won't do the job, the disease still will.

Looking at the way the poisoners work it will come as no surprise that toxicity has become one of the main causes of ill health.i
For the authorities it might already be too late. It is generally feared that their health problems have already evolved into a rapidly spreading cancer. But they are still appealing for your help.

If you have seen any of the poisoners or their poisons as described above than please do not call the police. As an authority, they too suffer from confusion and will arrest you instead of the poisoners. Instead they want you to take action yourself and do so without any reward from the authorities. The authorities consider a longer and healthier life reward enough.

(For more information on medicine as a poison, see also our exclusive interview with a 'Medicine Man' in our magazine 'High Society' and their article on 'Iatrogenesis'.)

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© Brigitte Franssen 2008
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