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The Medicine Man

I belong to the strong and mighty clan
of medicine man.

I have no clue
what's wrong with you
but I give it some Latin name
and tell you
that's what's causing your pain.

My special skill
is prescribing a magic pill.
Three times a day
I say
and it will all go away.

There are of course some side-effects
like maybe a slower reflex.

Others, which I prefer not to discuss
as no good medicine man does
are more serious and dangerous.

But, if they make you more ill
I can use again, my special skill
and prescribe another magic pill.

So, if you are feeling a bit under the weather
or just at the end of your teather
if you are you feeling a bit ill:
Let me prescribe a magic pill.

Come and see me,
the medicine man
as quickly as you can!

For I am qualified to be
your legal, local drug dealer.

Who said I was a healer?

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© Brigitte Franssen 2007
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