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Food for Thought

It is a well-established fact that wealthy societies have fewer children.
We, humans, breed less in booms.
Our urge to procreate seems to increase in times of hunger. The more children we have the greater the opportunity for finding and generating resources for the family.
But what will happen when we, as a species, reach the limits of the total resources available?
A lot of people will go hungry and live in poverty.
And you know what that means!

We'll have more children!

  Message Board
"Never mind NHS help (the National Health Service in the UK)
for people who think they are the wrong sex:
will they fund a mansion and multi-million-pound bank account
for people who are miserable because they believe they were born
into the wrong class and should be landed gentry?"
IAN BALDWIN, Hingham, Norfolk
in The Daily Mail of Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Escaped from the State Institute for Forced Labour
on the break of a new day.
Carried by the wind, he now lives high up in the mountains, in the land of Peace and Harmony and possesses his own clear view on both worldly and heavenly matters.
He is often found in the company of Gloria Joy.
Both are considered to be mentally unstable and very dangerous!
Offered by Ms. Society,
Warden, State Institute for Forced Labour.

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