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Lady Truth

Truth did not come into the world naked
but she came in symbols and images;
otherwise the world could not receive her.

The Gospel of Philip
The Nag Hammadi Library

For everything visible
is a reflection
of the hidden.

The Teachings of Silvanus
The Nag Hammadi Library

Feel the Truth
come shining through

soon there'll be
there'll be no place to turn to

in the light of the Day
so far away
from anything
anything that we've been used to.

Lyrics of Another Mind Gone
written by Chris Stainton, Jeff Levine and Joe Cocker
sung by Joe Cocker

The importance of Truth is best reflected in the little appetiser,
created by Guatuma Buddha and served by Book of Tales' own
magical restaurant, Le Bistrot du Porc:
Long is the night to the sleepless.
Long is the mile to the tired.
Long is life to the foolish
who know not Truths.
It also has a little entertaining story on the menu that tells about a rather unexpected recovery of Truth.
Click on the little bread basket for more.

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