Le Bistrot du Porc

Words of Wisdom that heal & nourish the Soul
served online

Long is the night to the sleepless.
Long is the mile to the tired.
Long is life to the foolish
who know not Truths.

(Guatuma Buddha)

All of Le Bistrot du Porc's dishes are based on special formulas
that are as powerful and magical as the forgotten spells and potions
of the old wizards.

Have a look at Le Bistrot du Porc's unique Menu below.


Pork keeps you warm,
and warmth keeps you loving.

(Old saying from Finland)


Click on the dish of your choice and, as if by magic, it will appear
in front of you straight away.

Spellbinding Specials

Today's Special
for having a nice day
House Specialty
for the homeless wanderer
The Highflier Special
for getting somewhere
Le Bistrot du Porc's Sunshine Special
against the blues
Chef's Choice; Pork with White Beans
against bad effects of good intentions

Energizing Starters

Entree Diverses
against dead ends
Healthy Snack
against illness & disease
The Bread of Angels
for any mere mortal
Clarified Consommé
for clear communication
A Cut Above
an unbeaten starter
against feelings of inferiority and use- or worthlessness

Magic Menus

Sunday Lunch
especially for control freaks
Daily Dish
for getting through the day
Early Bird Menu
for health & wealth
Awesome Meal
a surprising specialty for body and soul
Happy Meal
for happiness
Chinese Takeaway
especially for goal getters & strivers
Dinner for two
for finding unconditional love & unwavering loyalty
Family Dinner
for the lonesome traveller
Diner Dansant
for becoming a princess

Powerful Potions

The Water of Eternal Youth
le Bistrot du Porc's magical youth potion
Natural Water
for finding better ways
The Love Potion (Elixir d'Amour)
the one and only potion for finding love
Magic Winning Potion
the winning formula
Phil's Potion
for getting the benefit
Truth Serum
for finding the truth
Crazy Cocktail
against craziness & getting stuck
Devil's Delight
a powerful cocktail against worrying

Potent Puds

The Perfect Pud
for perfectionists only
Inside Out Bounty Tart
for changing the world
Apple Pie
for good health
Honey Cake
a little comfort for all the underdogs
Rainbow Cake
anti - anxiety
Frosted Apple Cupcakes
for getting along with the neighbours
Anniversary Cake
for Happy & Good marriages

After Dinner

Fortune Cookies
for looking into your future
Le Bistrot du Porc's Doggy Bag
good for getting what you need

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© Brigitte Franssen 2012
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