Bumbleberry Fool's Parfait

A magical mousse against foolishness

If you don't know that most people think of others as fools,
you are the fool.

The words of Hávámal, The High One in the Old Norse Edda

This is caused by the simple fact that it is much easier to see the faults, mistakes and foolishness of others than it is to see one's own.

Despite thinking of each other as fools we seem, however, to have no problem, whatsoever, in thinking mankind is a very advanced species, the most advanced on this planet for that.
Just as we think of others as fools, we think of other species as less gifted, less humane and definitely less smart. Considering the above, however, one just wonders who is the fool.
This magical mousse is part of an antidote against one of the most successful poisons of Lord Falsehood. Continue reading >>

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© Brigitte Franssen 2013
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