The White KnightS'


Chapter 9

My dear White Knight,
prepare yourself to escape from the house of Lord Falsehood
and from this poisonous air that is impregnated with his forces.
Prepare yourself to cheat Death.

Lord Falsehood

Lord Falsehood, maybe better known as the Angel of Death, is a killer. With a swift sway of his scythe he cuts away the ties with Reality and Truth and leaves his victims to rot like hay in a wet field.

He is the evil enemy of your soul rendering your spirit powerless. No matter what kind of spirit a man has: one portion Darkness and eight portions Light, three portions Darkness and six portions Light or; six portions Darkness and three portions Light, Lord Falsehood will lead all astray.

His adversary is Lady Truth. She sheds Light. He deepens the Darkness. She is the source of Trust. He is the root cause of all Suffering.
The Truth sometimes hurts,
but it is the Lie and what is not said
that is the root cause of all pain.

(French saying)
Lord Falsehood comes from the Depths and lives right in the Dead Centre. There were there is no movement, no swing or soul. More information about this is kept in The Secret File 'Death' >>
His schemes are many, his tricks manifold and his allies and companions plentiful, as shown below.
Long is the night to the sleepless.
Long is the mile to the tired.
Long is life to the foolish
who know not Truths.

(Guatuma Buddha)

The Greatness Delusion
One of his most successful Tricks

"I had this huge superiority complex. For years I thought I was the best thing since sliced bread... That's gradually been chipped away."
Julie Walters, actress
The unique bistro 'Le Bistrot du Porc', run by the great wizards, offers part of the antidote against this delusion. It is a magical mouse called 'Bumbleberry Fool's Parfait' >>
But don't forget you still need to get the other part of the antidote. That will require a bit of thought and the courage to have a close, honest look at yourself.

Lady of the Veils

The Lady of the Veils casts one or more of her many veils over her victim. Her veils, made up of false images, mask the Truth about the world around us. Beautiful things look ugly. Ugly things look beautiful. But her veils not only distort our view of our outer world.

Our inner world is just as much at risk. Through her veils Greediness looks like modest Frugality. Prestige cravings look like a honourable vocation. Godlessness has the air of great devoutness. Boasting and bragging have the appearance of true wisdom. Hypocrisy comes across as a noble cause and Evil thoughts appear as Good ones.

Her veils juggle our sight and we are no longer able to perceive what is true within others and within ourselves. Casted like spells that can last a day, a year, a lifetime, her veils create powerful, convincing illusions.
Gold that shone so brightly turns to nothing but bits of leaves and dross once the veil is lifted.

Prince False Pride

Pride is a rock for your soul in heavy and stormy weathers. Prince False Pride on the other hand will blindfold you and lead you by the nose to the realm of false joy. In the words of the High One, Hávamál:

When a fool gains goods
or a woman's favour,
his pride grows
but not his sense.
He is blinded
by the ecstasy of false pride.

The words of the High One, Hávamál
from the Old Norse Edda i

There once was a mighty Arabian king who was as proud as a peacock. I can tell you his rather short story if you just click here on
The Proud King  >>

The False Fear Fairy

There is justified fear and then there is False Fear. The problem is that Lord Falsehood makes every Fear look justified and reasonable.

The Duchess of Deceit

Of all the forces spawned by Death the Duchess of Deceit is one of the most abhorrent. Oozing out of the shadows she slowly overwhelms her victims, hissing into their ears. She coaxes her victims into secretive behaviour. Everything they touch gets coated with a sticky web of lies and deceit. Their schemes are not few and their tricks are manifold.
Masks and disguises hide their devious tactics, their covert betrayals, their furtive abuse, stealthy manipulations and deviance behind closed doors. The distinguished features of their masks and the elegance of their disguises is all they show, and all too often all they can see themselves.
It is the smell of their rotten deeds that gives them away.

Chapter 10 from the White Knight's Handbook
'Lady Truth'

  1. Elsa-Brita Titchenell, The Masks of Odin, Wisdom of the Ancient Norse, California, 1985, ISBN 1-55700-137-5.

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