Le Bistrot du Porc

Words of wisdom that heal & nourish

Truth Serum

For finding the truth

Believe nothing,
no matter where you read it,
or who said it,
no matter if I have said it,
unless it agrees
with your own reason
and your own common sense.


"Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth"
Albert Einstein

As for the search for truth,
I know from my own painfull searching,
with its many blind alleys,
how hard it is to take a reliable step,
be it ever so small,
towards the understanding
of that which is truly significant.

Albert Einstein

Food for Thought

In what do you believe?
Do you believe in Cunningness or in Honesty?
Have you put your faith in Guile or in Openness?
Who do you worship and serve;
the Lie or the Truth?

How did right now actually happen?
Mister Booja-Booja

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