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Especially for goal getters & strivers

...accomplishment without striving
can accomplish anything...

To accomplish after striving
is not worthy
of being called accomplishment.

The Book of Balance and Harmony
(a medieval Taoist work)

Taoism is a Chinese philosophy
that emphases union with nature &
favours non-action, or letting things take their natural course.

A little Clarification of the above

By Brigitte Franssen
There are those, for example, who strive for material order, who spare no effort in achieving and maintaining order, who tidy up, sort out and clear up, in order to keep order.
They create something that looks like order but underneath is something completely different. Underneath its neat exterior stirs the swirling pressure to maintain and improve that order. This swirling pressure pushes for a methodical and systematic approach that
actually disguises its restlessness. But most of all it demands continuous effort.
While those who do not aim for order but simply love and revere the things around them - from little things to big things - create and achieve order effortlessly. Their love gives birth quite naturally to an order that exhumes life, beauty and harmony, rather than the methodical precision of the order strived for.
That is why the order strived for is not worth of being called 'order' or 'an accomplishment' for that matter.

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© Brigitte Franssen 2016
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