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Fixing the health service

My political party and I will, if elected in the next up-coming elections, make more of the taxpayer's money available to invest in increasing hospital capacity. The current situation where patients have been forced to stay on trolleys is utterly unacceptable and hospital bed shortages should become a thing of the past.
The party and I expect that with these new investments our hospitals could provide the same quality service as American hospitals.

In the land of opportunity almost 9 million people are annually admitted to hospital unnecessarily. This represents 23% of their total admissions. A further 17% of admissions could have been handled in outpatient clinics bringing the total of unnecessary hospitalisations to 40%.i

Although no data is available yet, it is estimated that at the moment our hospitals are probably still a few percentages short of the 40% reached in America. But, if sufficient funds where to be made available, our hospitals could easily reach an unnecessary hospitalisation rate of 42 to 45%. This would bring the health care service up and above the international standard.

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