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The Best Advice Ever !!!

Top Advice from Top Experts

Exclusively in High Society
Especially for our readers we have done an extensive search into finding the very best experts and the crème de la crème of top advisers. These maestros, who are each a respected and recognized authority in their field, agreed to reveal exclusively to High Society their best advice.
After many, many phone calls, even more meetings and a lot of frustration from our side we were, however, still unable to obtain their best advice. Even trying to get some reasonable advice turned out to be a problem.
Instead of giving up, a secret investigation was launched. The facts were reexamined and more evidence was gathered. We delved deeper and deeper into their world, revealed more and more secrets, intensified our interrogations and finally tracked down the best advice; the one the experts and top advisers do not want you to know.
Happy in life
is he
who has regards for himself
and wisdom of his own.
More than often
the advice of others
bad council.

The words of the High One, Hávamál
from the Old Norse Edda

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