The White KnightS'


The Sage's Bride

told by the sage himself

Her I loved.
I sought her out when I was young.
I fell in love with her beauty and
I longed to win her for my bride.

I loved her above health
and I valued her more than thrones and sceptres.
I prefered her
to the light of day
for her radiance never fades.

She is bright and irresistable.
She is pure,
lucid and clear.
She is good and beneficent.
She is versatile, subtle & dynamic.
She is unique.

So, I determined to bring her home to live with me
knowing that she would be my counsellor in prosperity
and my comfort in anxiety and grief.

I rose early in search of her
and did not grow weary in the quest
for I found her seated at my door.

And with her all good things together
came to me.
And in her hands was wealth past counting
and all was mine to enjoy.

Nobody is richer than her
for she knows how to come by it all.

As for her name and who is she
I will tell you
and I will not hide her secrets from you.

She is easily discerned by those who love her
and she is found by those who seek her.
For she herself goes about seeking those who are worthy of her.
On their daily path she appears to them with kindly intent,
and she meets them half-way in every thought.
She is bright
she is holy.

Her name

This Story is based upon The New English Bible
The Wisdom of Solomon 6:12-16, 6:22, 7:10-12, 7:22-23, 8:2-3 & 8:9

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