The White KnightS'


The Sage

The Secrets of the Sage

The sage follows the laws of Nature
and therefore their bodies are free from strange diseases.
They do not lose any of their natural functions
and their spirit of life is never exhausted. i

A wise man holds out
he is not too hot-hearted

nor too hasty in speech
nor too weak a warrior

he is not wanting in fore-thought

nor too greedy of goods

nor too glad
nor too mild

nor ever too eager
to speak promises or oaths
his spirited soul sees clearly
the intent of his heart will turn. ii

To avoid being too hasty in speech the sage often uses a little bit of magic by adding a few secret ingredients to his evening supper.
If you are in need of some magic as well, you should try his special magical dish of Pork with White Beans. Just ask the waiter and, as if by magic, the dish will appear.

Click on the waiter!

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  1. This phrase was found in the book 'Healing with whole Foods' by Paul Pitchford (p.268). He took the phrase from 'Inner Classic', an ancient Chinese medical text and classic, more completely translated as 'The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine'.
  2. Small extract from the Old English Poem 'The Wanderer' preserved in the so-called Exeter Book dating from the late 10th century
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