The White KnightS'


The Red Knights

The second corner of the world, one quarter of all the land, is known as the Land of the Fiery-Red Knights. This land is governed by a dark but powerful figure called Unease. With his sharp piercing sword he destroyed the Peace. And with his fiery-red breath he poisoned the air like a dragon. His knights, poisoned by his stinking vile breath, became uneasy just like him. Their restlessness turned into anxiety and discontent. And out of discontent and anxiety they turned on each other. Each day they ride out on their fiery-red horses to kill each other.
Bibliography: The Bible, Revelation 6:1-8, using the more accurate Dutch Willibord translation of 1978.

The Land of the Black Knights

The Land of the White Knights
© Brigitte Franssen 2012
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