The White KnightS'


The Black Knights

The third corner of the world, one quarter of all the land, is known as the Land of the Black Knights. And each and every single black knight has a scale.
On this scale he weighs everything - everything he receives, everything he gives, everything he sees, everything he hears, every situation, every issue. He weighs pros and cons. He weighs every creature, every thing, and every person, including himself. To ensure his impartiality he wears a blindfold and doesn't realise he is blind.
Each day he rides out on his black horse carrying with him his precious scale. Completely in the dark and blind to the way he adjusts and manipulates the weights to his liking, he weighs and judges.
The verdicts of the black knights cause a lot of harm and hurt, not least to themselves. But it is said that they can't hurt or harm the olive tree and grapevine. And that whenever a Black Knight passes an olive tree or grapevine they whisper:
O, you
Black Knight
you should not judge
for you do not know everything there is to know.

In the dark you judge.
With crooked weights you weigh.

O, you,
Black Knight
you should not judge.
With the crooked weights you weigh,
you will be weighed.
On the scale you condemn,
you will be condemned
to the darkness in which you judge.

O, you
Black Knight
you should not judge.
Can't you see?

O, you
Black Knight
who cannot see
hear the whispers of our leaves and
your dying heart.
~ The End ~

The Bible, Matthew 7:1-2
The Bible, Luke 6:37-38
The Bible, Revelation 6:1-8, using the more accurate Dutch Willibord translation of 1978.

The Land of the Green Knights

The Land of the White Knights
© Brigitte Franssen 2012
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