The White KnightS'


The Green Knights

The last and fourth corner of the world, one quarter of all the land, is known as the Land of the Green Pale Knights. This Land is ruled by no other than the dark, fearsome, bone-chilling, bloodcurdling Slayer. He lives for the kill and looks as green and sallow as his sickly deeds.
He has a whole army of green pale knights. They drip their swords in poison to inflict sharp stinging wounds. They lay sieges to starve their prey to death. They unleash catching diseases that blacken and blemish any poor scapegoat. Or, like wild beast, they use their sharp teeth and claws to simply tear their target apart.
Every day the green knights ride out on their green pale horses leaving a trail of destruction.
Bibliography: The Bible, Revelation 6:1-8, using the more accurate Dutch Willibord translation of 1978.

The Tale of the Forces of Darkness

The Land of the White Knights
© Brigitte Franssen 2012
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