The White KnightS'


The Queen of Hearts

Coming to you from afar
with love

She is known as the Queen of Hearts but her true name is Love.
She is the queen of the white knights, as they are ruled by no other than the heart.
She is the mother of Braveheart and of every white knight for she is the mother of everybody and everything born out of love.
She is the smith who welds the strong and heavy bonds that are indissoluble and everlasting.
She is the servant who brings happiness, joy and riches.
She is the blind beggar who goes door to door and begs for a place to stay.

Many send her away with nothing.
Some let her sit at the gate giving her rags and leftovers.
Few let her in and make their home hers.
Those are called the White Knights;
the White Knights of the Queen of Hearts.

Braveheart 's little troubadour often sings a very special song in honour of The Queen of Hearts, mother of everybody and everything born out of love.
She is the mother of the white knights, the mother of Braveheart, the mother of Kalevala, Boeddha and Jesus.
She is the Mother of God,
also known as Margetta, Maya or Maria...


Braveheart's little troubadour
adores and worships her.

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