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The Hollow Mountain


The purpose of Life

Looking out over the beach on an early summer's day, the sun glistening on the calm sea, the blue skies above, the soothing rhythm
of the waves breaking on the beach their gentle sound occasionally reinforced by the call of a seagull, I suddenly knew there was only one reason for this display. I felt, without warning and without mistake, what was the single cause of this Creation: the intense, deep longing
to express Beauty.
A soul can possess Beauty. A spiritual world can possess the concept of Beauty. But in a non-material world Beauty is like a musician without an instrument. Matter enables the expression of Beauty in form, shape, texture and colour, in an unlimited number of ways, each different, each beautiful.

The Universe as we know it, Life as we know it, has this one big goal, this all-important purpose: the expression of Beauty.

The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche hit upon this idea when introduced to the great composer Wagner. Nietzsche saw Music as the greatest form of Art and Art as the purpose of life. Unfortunately, subsequent disillusionment with Wagner and other problems diverted his thinking into different directions. But there is no denying that music is a great art form and a unique and sublime expression of Beauty, just as our Universe is a unique and sublime expression of Beauty. Both have more in common than suspected at first sight.
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He has made beautiful and magnificent in its time.
The Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:11

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