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By Deep Knowledge of Principle (The Law)
one can
change disturbance into order
change danger into safety
change destruction into survival
change calamity into fortune.

For with Deep knowledge of Principle
one is
aware of disturbance before disturbance
aware of danger before danger
aware of destruction before destruction
aware of calamity before calamity. i

Thanks to Charles Darwin and his evolution theory, however, understanding of The Law i.e. the laws, principles and rules that
govern our world, has been boiled down to just one law:
Survival of the Fittest

Yet, in one of his quotes Albert Einstein seems to imply there is far more complex system of rules and laws.

The scientist's religious feelings
take the form of a rapturous amazement
at the harmony of natural law,
which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that,
in comparison with it,
the highest intelligence of human beings is
an utterly insignificant reflection.

(Albert Einstein)

The word evolution is a Latin word and literally means 'unrolling'
from the verb 'evolvere' from e- (out of) and volvere (to roll). Early senses related to physical movement, first recorded in describing a tactical 'wheeling' manoeuvre in the realignment of troops or ships (The Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories).
The notion that evolution is an unrolling seems to imply that everything is already there. It just needs to unroll. This in turn seems
to indicate that there is a formula, a set of equations or laws according to which everything can unfold.
A beautiful example is Einstein's unforgettable equation E=mc2 or Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion. (Read more >>)
Whether you call it a formula, a set of equations or laws, Natural Law or The Law, what is sure is that this Law is still a huge mystery to us, one that Book of Tales tries to solve as eagerly as the mathematicians and physicists but from a completely different angle.

"An Equation is meaningless to me
unless it expresses a thought of God."

Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920), mathematical genius

Looking at the natural world around us it is not difficult to grasp that Beauty is a major principle within The Law. All kind of shapes and colours are combined in such ways that the result is simply stunningly beautiful.
Such Beauty can only be achieved by combining qualities like shape and colour in a harmonious way. If there is no harmony - if things don't agree or go together - it is ugly.
Harmony is a building block for creating Beauty and so must be one of the more basic principles within the Law.

But to achieve Harmony there must be different things to harmonise in the first place. There must be a diversity of colours, textures, shapes and so on, making Diversity another basic principle within the Law and its antonym 'Monotony' an infringement.

One source of Diversity is Change. A beautiful example of Change is the change of seasons. Just think of the lush young green leaves in spring or their rich red and gold in autumn.
Our world is ruled by change; the change from child to adult; from rain to sunshine; from day to night and night to day. Change is so much part of our lives and our world and such a rich source for Variety i.e. Diversity that Change must be an essential part of the Law. This then would make Perpetuation an offence.

Another basic principle of natural law is that everything and everyone is Equal.
Mathematicians know that the universe, the earth, the tree, everything around us is mathematics. As everything is equal everything can be expressed in equations.
Although the word 'Equality' is incorporated in many slogans and speeches the times this Law is violated by human beings are uncountable.
We often forget that a chicken is no less than an eagle, a cat no less than a lion, a flower no less than a tree, and that none of them are any less than a human. Just as a homeless man is no less than a head of state. All is equal.
Nothing, not even the largest or biggest star is more important than the tinniest, littlest one, as everything is needed in Creation for things to work. There is an Old Russian tale called 'The Pumpkin' that gently tries to reminds us of that fact.

We, however, have invented and created so many laws and rules that we tend to forget the important ones, like Equality. Still we continue to invent and create new laws and rules almost every day, happily ignoring the fact that the harmony and intelligence of natural law or The LAW is far superior to anything we humans can think of.

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  1. The Book of Balance and Harmony (Chung-ho chi/Zhongho ji), a medieval Taoist text.
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