Topical Tales of Faith

A souvenir from a different time
for believers in providence
She is 24.000 years old and no taller than a small cigar.
She was made for carrying with you and holding on to.
So far about a 140 of her have been dug up, scattered about the distant corners of Europe.

Her voluptuous figure embodies Abundance.
Her fabulous breast emphasizes her motherliness, her nursing power, her mothering.

A better symbol for Providence is hard to find.
But then, she is from a time when a supreme divine force wasn't necessarily considered to be male.

Once upon a time but not that long ago (Autumn 2017) there was a town called Wittenberg. This little German town was blessed with a very innovative priest and the priest of Wittenberg got the idea of making a robot to deliver his blessings.

He made the robot in such way that it could do more things than he could do himself. It could offer blessings in German, English, French, Spanish and Polish, in either a male or female voice, and as it delivered the blessing it raised its arms and light beamed from its hands. After the blessing the robot priest could even print the dictum.
But the people laughed at his robot priest. "A robot cannot bless you," they said, "it is ridiculous!"
And that was exactly what the priest had set out to do. He wanted people to consider whether it was possible to be blessed by a machine or whether a human being of real flesh and blood was needed after all.

The people laughed now but it wasn't that long ago that people laughed at the idea of being blessed by a priest. "Man cannot bless man," they had said with a smile, "it is ridiculous! Everybody knows only the Divine itself can offer blessings!"
Once, long before religions and priests they knew Truth and had burst out laughing when a fellow man offered a blessing.

How long would they laugh at the robot? How long before they would go to the robot for a blessing instead of the priest who made it?
To be continued...

Some people believe it is right and their holy duty to kill people
who are enemies of their faith.
Other people believe it is wrong to kill an animal for their dinner
and will rather eat plants.

How do we know we are right about what is right?

Science is now pointing towards the existence of God.
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The Forgotten Truth
Currently, there are certain regions where loud calls for female circumcision, also called female genital cutting or female genital mutilation (FGM), can be heard. Consequently, in other regions loud calls against female genital mutilation arose.
But there is an aspect to FGM and circumcision, which both parties conveniently forget. This aspect applies to both male and female circumcision and has through the ages been categorically ignored - hence our current state.
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One big misunderstanding

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Chandre Oraon (35) is being hailed as a God in India (February 2014). It is believed that he is an incarnation of the Hindu monkey God Hanuman. His ability to effortlessly climb trees and a 14.5-inch tail growing from his back are seen as proof of his divinity.
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