The White KnightS'


The Vagabond

One day, somewhere halfway, Braveheart met a man called Tramp. As they both liked to travel Braveheart and Tramp soon became friends. Together they continued their travels and it wasn't long before Braveheart realised that Tramp was not just aimlessly wandering around. Tramp was on a quest. With a youthful recklessness Tramp was in pursuit of Enjoyment and Entertainment. He looked for strange and exciting places to stay but as soon as the thrill wore off they would be on the road again. Always on the hunt for the next big thrill Tramp never made any new beginnings or had any closures. He just wandered around selling his jokes and looking for fun.
Braveheart enjoyed their travels and their time together tremendously. He never had a better time than the time he spent with Tramp. But one day, they reached the end of the road. That was the day that Tramp grew up.

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