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The Forces of Darkness

The Siren of Sighing

In English to sigh for something is like yearning for something. But in German and in Dutch the word has a much stronger meaning. For example an addiction to drugs is often referred to as a 'Drogensucht'.
A sigh or 'Sucht' is not just a strong desire. It is a harmful tendency that has become second nature to somebody. It can be anything. It can be an addiction to drugs or an addiction to power and status, a greed for food or a greed for revenge, an addiction to shopping or an addiction to doing nothing, also called Slothfulness >>

Like a false lover the 'Sucht' entraps the poor soul who is under its spell. It pushes and pulls her, lifts her to great heights, and rolls her in the dust. She does things she normally wouldn't do. But she isn't in control. Her will is no longer her own. She is bounded by the demands of her false lover.
Tied to her 'Sucht', her addiction, her greed, she unleashes hell on earth, just for him.

choreographed & performed by Flavia Cacace
during the Strictly Come Dancing 2010

The Other Seven Forces of Darkness     (1 km)

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© Brigitte Franssen 2009
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