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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Set in Stone

The new basics of healthy eating
"It's fascinating watching trends come and go,
but the nutritional science doesn't.
Obviously it evolves as we live and learn,
but the basics of healthy eating
set in stone
and they always come back to

Penny Hunking, spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association,
in The Times on Saturday September 26, 2015

Unfortunately, this little greenhorn thinks Penny is forgetting something, namely freshness/quality (freshness being an attribute
of quality).
A potato fresh from the field contains a whole lot more vitamins, minerals and other good stuff than a four weeks old potato as well as being a whole lot tastier.
And the taste buds need something too. It helps with the digestion and that's the whole issue, isn't it? Absorbing all the goodness out of our food so that we get enough fuel for the day and stay in good health. But then that goodness has to be there in the first place. And that is why freshness/quality is so important. It ensures goodness as well as tastiness.

Another issue with Penny's wisdom is that this little greenhorn thinks that variety and moderation always result in a balance diet. Hoping you agree, I would then like to introduce the new three basic rules of healthy eating:
Quality, Variety and Moderation

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