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You have probably heard that it was said long ago:
"Do not break your oath, but keep the oaths you have made."
But I tell you:
"Do not swear at all:

either by heaven for it is the Deity's throne;
or by the earth, for its the Deity's footstool;
or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King.
And do not swear by your head,
for you cannot make even one hair white or black.

Simply let your 'YES' be 'YES and your 'NO' be 'NO.
Anything beyond this comes from the evil one."

The Bible, Matthew 5:33-37

A wise man is never ever too eager to speak promises
his spirited soul sees clearly
the intent of his heart will turn.

Edited Extract from the Old English Poem 'The Wanderer'
Preserved in the late 10th century Exeter Book

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© Brigitte Franssen 2015
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