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General Information

Book of Tales is a beautifully illustrated on-line collection of old and new stories, tales, fairy tales, poems, quotes, sayings, satires and songs. None of them are that long and without exception they all contain a little gem of wisdom as is further explained in Book of Tales' Quest >>

The collection is divided into several sections, as shown in our menu on the left. A short description of each of these sections can be found in the section Home >>
Alternatively you can search the full list of Book of Tales in Contents >>

Unfortunately, Book of Tales has no search function yet with which to search the collection.

For information on the people in charge of Book of Tales see
Book of Tales' Troupe >>
It was this same troupe that established Book of Tales back in 2005 and who continue to expand and improve Book of Tales.
What we write, is partly chosen for us,
partly of our own choosing;
and however rapidly it may be committed to paper,
a book may be a very long time in the making.

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