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Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Goodies

After my big decision yesterday, to go on this new journey and rediscover which grub I don't like, I thought I should also start making a list of all the food I really, really like. Here is my list of goodies so far:
The Goodies:

Apple pips

Dried abricots
Dried figs
Dried mulberries
Raisins & sultanas
Sundried Pineapple

Almond butter

Peanut butter

Dark Chocolate




Mixed Salads


Rice & bulgur penne pasta
Soda spelt bread (toasted)
Spelt spaghetti

Sunflower oil

Chicken Eggs

Goose Eggs

Turkey (minced)
Possible Reason:

always refreshing
tasty & warming
great in salad dressings, sweet
desserts or simply in a glass of water

so sweet & soft
great snack
great snack
great as a snack or in muesli
great as a snack or in desserts
always gets my appetite going

expensive but worth it
hard to get fresh ones which are not rancid
because I can't get good peanuts

who can live without chocolate?
we all need a bit of alcohol in our life

stuff of gold

especially in autumn
nice little fresh taste
love the smell
with chicken or turkey, simply delicious
always refreshing

great on its own or in a salad
great tangy flavour
an exciting adventure
sweated in the frying pan, mmm....
always covers up unpleasant tastes

quick, easy & tasty
deliciously sweet
sweet & warm
quick, easy & tasty

light & delicious
simply can't live without it

boiled with a little salt is a great snack
great for frittata's

not too heavy, easy to digest

I'm a little bit surprised how quickly I put this list together and how much is already on it. I know there is a lots more stuff, in particular fruits and veggies, which I really like.
Lately, I had the feeling there was only very little food I really liked. Proofed myself wrong. Will take that as a further encouragement to just eat what I like.

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