The Secret Files
The Hollow Mountain

Good &    Evil

It was on rotting prison straw that I felt the first stirrings of good in myself. Gradually it became clear to me that the line separating good from evil runs not between states, not between classes, and not between parties: it runs through the heart of each and everyone of us, and through all human hearts.
This line is not stationary. It shifts and moves with the passage of the years.
Even in hearts enveloped in evil, it maintains a small bridgehead of good.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

Food for Thought

If Adam and Eve ate from the Tree
whose fruit will open your eyes and
make you like a god knowing good and bad,
how is it then possible that today
we do so many things that are not good?
"As any seasoned police officer will tell you the serious offenders of tomorrow start off by getting away with minor crimes today."
Former Chief Superintendent Mel Pelham

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