The White KnightS'


A White Knight's Court

At a white knight's court nothing, no single part is considered more important or less important than any other. The stables are as important as the Big Hall. The garden is considered as important as the castle; the kitchen garden as important as the pleasure garden; the bedpan as important as the sword.
As a consequence neither is any activity seen as more important or sacred than any other.
Scrubbing the castle's floors is considered as important and holy as dancing on them. Preparing food is seen as important and holy as eating it.
In no way is physical labour considered less important or holy than intellectual endeavours or spiritual ventures. A white knight knows that it is the blend of the three that assimilates Strength and nurtures Growth.

So, chores are not unwelcome distractions keeping a white knight from his all-important quest, but an important and holy task for him to fulfill and not to ignore. After all it isn't known where and when he will find the Holy Grail.
The End

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© Brigitte Franssen 2014
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