My Cosy Kitchen Diary

18 October 2009

The Cheese Platter

Autumn in Abundance


4 or 5 small pieces of your favourite cheeses
sweet juicy grapes (blue & white)
fresh pieces of shelled walnut
toasted brown bread
chutney for cheese

Take the above ingredients and put nicely on your best plate.

This is one of my favourite dishes for autumn first of all because it is so quick and easy to put together with almost no mess (expect for pieces of walnut shell flying around in the kitchen).

I cheat a little bit because I not only buy the cheeses, grapes and walnuts but also the chutney and bread.
On my farmer's market I can get a heavy homemade brown bread and locally made chutney with apples, plums and ginger. The sweet taste of the chutney goes great with the savoury taste of the cheeses. What more do I want?
Well, the only drawback is that it is not one of the cheapest dishes around.

PS  If you cannot get whole nuts do not go for the peeled and packaged ones. Their taste is nothing compared to the taste of nuts from fresh or dry whole nuts.

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© Brigitte Franssen 2009
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