My Cosy Kitchen Diary

25 February 2012

The Healing Potion

There is a potion,
full of unknown properties,
that raises energy levels, is effective against the common cold, strengthens the immune system, enhances blood circulation, protects against cancer and is good for bones and joints.
It is a potion well known to the Jewish culture and the Chinese, who both use the same powerful ingredients. These magical ingredients can, however, be quite hard to find. What you will need are:

a chicken that had a good stress-free but interesting live and healthy natural food,
a bay leave from the garden,
some lovage, if in season, from the garden,
some dried coriander seeds,

some vegetables and herbs (e.g. leeks, celery, carrot, parsley) that were grown locally in healthy natural soil and showered with tender loving care and water and nothing else,

and pure fresh water.

When all the ingredients are gathered, time needs to be found to brew this special potion. The chicken carcass, bay leave, lovage and coriander seeds need to be simmered for about 2 hours before the vegetables and herbs are added and the whole brew is simmered for another 30 to 45 minutes. To get a better and more delicate taste it is important that the brew simmers and is not actually boiling. It also important that the vegetables are added only for the last 30 to 45 minutes or the brew will become to bitter.
But what is even more important is that everything, from finding the ingredients, cutting and washing the veggies to sieving the final potion is done with tender loving care.
And then, you will have a potion more powerful and potent than any sorcerer's potion or pill.

PS Precautions must be taken for keeping it as it has a tendency to easily ferment.

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© Brigitte Franssen 2012
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