The White KnightS'


Braveheart and the Monster

During our seemingly ordinary lives we have to fight many heroic battles and overcome the many dark and powerful enemies within ourselves. If we don't these merciless little monsters will imprison us in their hellfire until there is nothing left of us. It is their drum of doom that calls us to the battlefield.

Arise, great warrior, arise!
Arise, like a flame of fire
That burns away the darkness.

No matter how bad the things other people do are, no matter how frightening the evil out there in the world is, those aren't the people or things to fight against. Such battles only increase the pain and suffering in the world, feeding evil and feeding the little monsters within you.
Waste not three words
in a quarrel with a rascal.

Oft the better man cedes
while the baddy deals blows.

Hávámal, The High One,
in the Old Norse Edda
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