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The Religious Leader

in a candid interview with C. Nobody

I studied the holy books
and know exactly how God looks.
He is a male
who cannot fail.
A bit like me, actually.

And I studied the sacred writings
Which contain His and many other handwritings
and added a few of my own rewritings.

And everyday
I hum and pray
but never listen to what He has to say.

I never hear Him.
I never see Him.
And I have never touched Him.

But I believe.

I believe
people should do
as I tell them to.

I believe
they should give me their money
so that I can have my milk and honey.

I believe
it is only correct
that I demand respect.

You see
I'm a strong believer.
That's why
I'm a religious leader.
Brigitte Franssen 2006

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