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Colour and colours explained


The colour of Light and all things, good, pure and untouched.
What we see as white light actually contains all the colours of the rainbow. Just like a pearl.

When we see a red flower it is because the flower absorbs all beams of light except the red one.
What we see is the colour that the leaves of the flower bounce back.

When you look up the word "colour" in the Oxford Dictionary you will find the following two definitions:

1. the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light;
2. one, or any mixture, of the constituents into which light can be separated in a spectrum or rainbow.

The Three Primary Colours

From these three colours all other colours can be obtained by mixing.


The colour of the Heart; its love and its passions.
A warm, fury colour.


The colour of the Sun.
The colour of expanding Energy.


The colour of the Sky.
The colour of any Expanse and the Mind; its thoughts and its ideas.
A cool, inspiring colour.

Colors are the smile of Nature.

Mixed Colours


Orange is a mix of red and yellow.
It is neither the pure passion of fiery red nor the raw energy of a bright yellow sun.
Instead orange is the colour of sunrise or sundown. Orange colours the sky when the sun wakes up the mountain with a gentle stroke or when it says goodnight to the sea with a last kiss.
When the night touches the day or when the day touches the night orange colours our skies. Orange is the colour of touch.

Of our five senses touch is the most valuable one.
For, we can see beauty but if it doesn't touch us what is beauty?
We can hear music but if it doesn't touch us what is it but a noise?
We can smell the most wonderful fragrances but if they don't transport us what are they but a headache?
We can taste delicacies but if they don't delight us what are they but a mouthful.
But if it touches us, if a connection is made, feelings are aroused and that is a source of vast wealth, a treasure so huge that no bigger or richer treasure in this world exists.
Orange: colour of apricots, cantaloupes, carrots, marigolds and oranges.
Orange: colour of wealth and riches.
Without your senses a hammer could hit your senseless thumb without you ever noticing.
The hammer would not even catch your slightest attention.
It would simply not exist for you at all.
What doesn't catch your attention? What doesn't exist for you at all?

Inspired by Bishop George Berkeley (1684-1753)


The mix of yellow and blue.
For Moors and Greeks, this is the colour of victory.

Dark Green

The colour of maturity.
As a plant matures its leaves become darker and darker green.

Pale Green

The colour of poison and jealousy.

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