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20 March 2010

Oil Swishing

Every morning I take a tablespoon of cold pressed sunflower oil and swish it around in my mouth for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now, you probably think I am completely crazy and have lost the plot. But this oil swishing, or oil pulling, as it is generally known, does two things for me.
First, as I am a bit of a teeth-clencher during the night, the swishing loosens my facial muscles and relieves the tension in my jaw and face that has built up during the night. And as my face starts to relax and is able to smile again the morning groggi- and grumpiness is generally replaced with a much happier feeling.
Secondly, since I have been doing the oil swishing I have definitely noticed that my teeth have become whither and my gums visibly healthier and stronger.
For these two reasons alone I will keep on swishing oil for the rest of my life.

But the benefits of oil pulling appear to be much wider. It is said to fasten loose teeth and effectively treat the most varied diseases, from simple migraines to cancer.
The ancient texts of Ayurveda mention oil pulling and in recent years
it has been promoted by Dr. F. Karach as an unusual but simple and effective healing therapy.

They say though that swishing activates the enzymes in your mouth and that these enzymes draw toxins out of your blood. It is therefore important not to swallow the oil but simply spit it out, as the oil will become toxic as well.

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