Le Bistrot du Porc

Recipes for a Happy Life

A Family Dinner

for the lonesome traveller

Do not forget that the world is
one great family….
Regard Heaven as your father,
Earth as your mother,
and all things as your brothers and sisters

a Shinto dish from Japan

When man's hand has been turned against me, and I have felt unloved and spurned, my own love unreturned, I have found solace in the song of little friendly birds, in shafts of sunlight falling upon bright flowers, and in the long shadows of junipers at eventide.
I have sought the company and strength of mighty trees, which breathed tranquillity into my soul by their stability, their endurance against wind and rain and tempest. They have given me patience.
I have found the balm of compassion in the understanding purr of cats, in the fidelity of dogs, and in the affection of many small animals.
I have found sanctuary by stepping into opal sunset clouds, into rosy lagoons amid the purple hills and rugged mountains suspended against a turquoise infinity.

I have learned the lesson I had to learn - to be able to walk alone. No reassuring and beloved hand holding my elbow. But I have come to know the light touch of unseen hands upon my head and the tingle of loving presences in my room when I have closed the door.
"When you can walk alone," they seem to say, "You will never be lonely any more. Serve others as best you can, and leave the rest to use - the Silent Watchers..."
Peggy Mason

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© Brigitte Franssen 2016
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