Tales of Knightly Deeds

What to do

For those days, those occasions and those situations that a white knight doesn't know what to do he'll act according a powerful knightly formula that wards off evil and foolishness:
Have good manners
Be honest and truthful
don't do anything that doesn't feel right.
Many an enemy becomes powerless when confronted with the plain simple truth and good manners.
Good manners are also important for the simple fact that bad manners keep people from feeling good and create stress. Bad manners are one of the top three reasons people give for not feeling great. Nobody likes to be treated with contempt or insensitive, self-serving thoughtlessness.
Careful consideration is ingrained in a white knight's attitude and shows in his courteous behaviour, as is respect. He respects every single soul; young or old, gifted or not so gifted, good or not so good. A White Knight doesn't judge. A white knight follows the wise words of the great ancestors:
Don't look down on people, unless you are helping them up.
From his high shining black horse, a black knight however does judge. Read more in The Tale of the Black Knights >>
More about the power of the last part of the formula "don't do anything that doesn't feel right" can be read in 'The Hidden Message of the Tale of the Princess and the Pea' >>
And don't forget what Benjamin Franklin said...
When in doubt, don't.

The Tales of Knightly Deeds continue
© Brigitte Franssen 2019
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