The Little Book of Love

Diner Dansant

For becoming a princess

A Cinderella Story

She went to the ball
and met de prince who was dark, handsome and tall.
They danced in the Great Hall
till the end of Fall.

For she could not stay;
She had to go away
to answer the call
of her two ugly stepsisters
'False Guilt' and 'Fear All'.

So ended her dancing
and started the fencing.
And she has longed for the prince
ever since.

Till one day
when she will say:
"I want to go away
from my two ugly stepsisters
who give me nothing but blisters."

When she will say these words
the birds, will start to sing
and the bells will start to ring.
For with her plea
the prince gets the key
that opens the door.

And once more
she will feel His touch
and so much, much more.

In His caress, she will feel his Gentleness
She will feel his Togetherness and Endlessness.
Soon, when the flowers start to bloom
she will discover
that all He wants is to be her Lover.

She will say: "Yes"
and be his little princess.

But until the birds hear her plea
that will give the prince the key
to open the door
this will be nothing more
than a little girl's fantasy.

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© Brigitte Franssen 2007
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