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The Wizard

Our two computer wizards are René Leenen and Tony Kardailis.
Tony has now retired but provided our original webdesign. Luckily, René is still very much involved and responsible for the website's maintenance while providing any technical support needed. You can find more information about him on

The Royal Draughtsman

All illustrations in Book of Tales are by Jef Franssen.
Already at an early age Jef developed a special interest in drawing. His remarkable talent was noticed and nurtured not only by his family and their friends but also by his teachers, first at primary and later at secondary school. Then, suddenly at the age of sixteen he completely lost interest, as so often happens with teenage boys.
Fifty years would go by before he would draw again. On the very special requests of his wife and their daughter, he drew a greeting card for Christmas. It only took this one drawing to rekindle the old passion, which has been giving him great joy and pleasure ever since.

The Purveyor to the Court

Whether it involves supplying a hot meal for the wizard or doing the research-work needed for writing a story, there is nothing a mother cannot do.

The Poet

The writing, rewriting and collecting of material is my task. My name is Brigitte Franssen. I hold a master degree in business administration and qualified as a chartered accountant. This leaves me completely unqualified to play the part of a poet or bard, was it not for a serious illness that hit me in my late twenties. The road to recovery took years and my body never regained it's full strength and resilience but what I gained instead I hope to share with you in Book of Tales.

What we write, is partly chosen for us,
partly of our own choosing;
and however rapidly it may be committed to paper,
a book may be a very long time in the making.

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