Tales from the Northern Forests


Written by Brigitte Franssen
Illustration by Jef Franssen

The harvest is done.
November has just begun.

A great power descends from its throne
cherishing me
caressing me
and the world becomes my home.

Souls like my own
which I have never known
which I have always known
are near
and hold me dear
telling me that I'm not alone.

It's November
and I remember
a world that is my home.

The month of November is a very special and precious time of the year. Some might even say it is a holy time. The days keep getting shorter and colder as the sun's immense stength and heat dimmishes day by day (nothern hemisphere).
It is during those days that the veil between our world and heaven is at its thinnest.

In Celtic tradition the whole month of November was dedicated to the dead who would not hold their final dance till the last day of the month before returning to their dwelling.
But it would all start on the first day of November, called Samhain or Halloween, as we know it now.

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© Brigitte Franssen 2006
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