Le Bistrot du Porc

Recipes for a Happy Life

Frosted Apple Cupcakes

For getting along with the neighbours

My apple trees will never get across
and eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.
He only says:
'Good fences make good neighbours.'

Robert Frost, North of Boston. Mending Wall

The city of Homs in West Syria was once a city built of basalt with twisting alleyways where mosque and church faced each other and sometimes even shared their parts. But the city of Homs had to become a modern city with modern buildings and geometry. So in the name of progress the old had to go.

Everything was wiped away and with it they also wiped away the boundaries of old that were so respected and treasured by its residents. New boundaries had to be set, new lines had to be drawn. That is how the fighting started - not only for the people of the city of Homs in
West Syria.

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