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The White Knight's Handbook

Good manners are important for the simple fact that bad manners create stress and keep people from feeling good. After stress and lack of sleep, bad manners are the third top reason people give for not feeling great. Nobody likes to be treated with contempt or insensitive, self-serving thoughtlessness. That is why a white knight is always polite.

A White Knight tries hard not to inconvenience or harm others. Careful consideration is ingrained in his attitude and shows in his courteous behaviour, as is respect. He respects every single soul; young or old, gifted or not so gifted, good or not so good.
Don't look down on people, unless you are helping them up.
(Grandmothers' wisdom)
A White Knight doesn't judge. That is something Black Knights do.

PS  Good manners are also considered a sign of real class.

The Tale of the Black Knights

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