The Cosy Kitchen Diary

The Feast of Brighid

Monday, 2 February 2015
On Friday she bought herself a bunch of white flowers to cheer her up.

On Saturday she ran a bath. Instead of adding her normal bath salts she chose bath oil. This resulted in a bath with loads and loads of white bubbles. Her lover walked in and scrubbed her back. When she stepped out of the bath she felt cleansed and revitalised.

On Sunday she lit the silver candles she got from a neighbour a few months back and enjoyed a nice romantic candlelight dinner.

Monday she woke up to a frosty white morning. She got up quickly and went for a walk with her dog. They stepped on the frozen white ground, crushing the frozen white grass. She loved the soft sound of it. It soothed her.

On Tuesday she realised that the past few days she had celebrated The Feast of Brighid.

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Brigitte Franssen 2015
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