Our website is currently more than 15 years old and so far has adjusted quite smoothly to all the technological developments over the years. But the time is coming soon that our old website will no longer be able to keep up. Therefore, instead of focusing on adding new tales and stories we are at the moment very busy designing and developing a new website.

That is, however, not the only thing that is keeping us busy. We are also in the process of getting one of our Bedtime Stories out in print.
In this Bedtime Story a fox stumbles across a very proud crow, who is eating some cheese high up in the trees. What happens next is very funny and a valuable lesson for the crow, your little one and maybe even for you.
If we've made you curious you can already have a look online.

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New in the Reading Room

The Future - A Secret File   (February 2020)
The Scythe - Tales from a Greenhorn   (April 2019)
Rhythm - A Secret File   (April 2019)
Joy - A Secret File   (April 2019)
Goldfish Myths - Tales from a Greenhorn   (January 2019)
So long, Marianne - Poetry at Death's Door   (December 2018)
October - Tales from the Northern Forests   (November 2018)
A Cut Above - Recipe for a Happy Life   (August 2018)
Hey Diddle Diddle - Nursery rhymes, bedtime stories   (June 2018)
May Each Day - 12 good wishes   (November 2017)
Feet of a Dancer - A wish for our children   (October 2017)
Midnight Dance - A bedtime story   (January 2017)
The Earthquake - A bedtime story   (December 2016)
Motu - A bedtime story   (December 2016)
The Vulture - A lost jewel   (November 2016)
The Earthquake - An old Indian tale   (November 2016)
Lord Falsehood - Angel of Death   (September 2016)
Sighing for an easy Life - A short, true story   (July 2016)
Before going to sleep - Tips   (July 2016)
Creation - The purpose of Life   (July 2016)
Takeaway Coffee - For solving problems   (July 2016)
June - Start to a British summer   (July 2016)
May - Old folklore saying   (June 2016)
Anniversary Cake   (June 2016)
Chinese Takeaway - For goal getters & strivers   (June 2016)
Darjeeling Tea - Gift of Mother Nature   (May 2016)
Life   (May 2016)
Manners - Tales of a White Knight   (May 2016)
Clocks go forward   (May 2016)
Valentine's Day   (May 2016)
Good and Evil   (May 2016)
Frosted Apple Cupcakes   (April 2016)
Destiny - Does destiny exist   (April 2016)
Ode on Solitude - The Last Chapter   (March 2016)
Beelzebub's Feast   (March 2016)
The Eye-test   (March 2016)
Understanding - A Secret File   (February 2016)
Curse   (February 2016)
Mercy - A Secret File   (February 2016)
Set in Stone - Basics of healthy eating   (February 2016)
Protein - The power of protein   (January 2016)
Sugar - Cut down   (January 2016)
NDD - An autobiographic story   (December 2015)
Behind every great man there is a great woman   (December 2015)
Fish - The Secret Files   (December 2015)
Miracles - The Secret Files   (December 2015)
Allergies   (November 2015)
Braveheart's Prayer   (November 2015)
A White Knight's Word   (November 2015)
False Dawn   (October 2015)
Beauty - The Secret Files   (October 2015)
The Altruist   (October 2015)
Mousey the Merchant - Bedtime Stories   (September 2015)
Mousey the Merchant - Short Stories & Tales   (September 2015)
A Nasty Rumour   (September 2015)
The Blind Priest   (August 2015)
Where have all the flowers gone?   (August 2015)
The Last Chapter   (August 2015)
July   (July 2015)
The Alchemist's Gold   (July 2015)
The Hip Rib Connection   (July 2015)
A Swarm of Bees in May   (July 2015)
Kitchen Sense   (July 2015)
Progress: the advancement of Mankind   (June 2015)
The Song of the Lark   (June 2015)
Albert Einstein on Mankind   (June 2015)
The Magic Cloth   (May 2015)
Courtesy   (May 2015)
In a New Bottle   (May 2015)
Crazy Prices   (May 2015)
Awesome Meal   (April 2015)
Evil & Pity - The Secret Files   (April 2015)
The Feast of Brighid   (April 2015)
Lent   (March 2015)
Bath Time   (February 2015)
Japanese Maple   (October 2014)
The Forces Above   (October 2014)
Art - The Secret Files   (September 2014)
Fashion - The Secret Files   (September 2014)
The Listeners   (September 2014)
The Highflier Special   (August 2014)
A White Knight's Deeds   (August 2014)
A White Knight's Court   (August 2014)
Humpty Dumpty   (August 2014)
The Thorn in the Flesh   (August 2014)
The Hermit and the She-Wolf   (June 2014)
I shall not go to Heaven when I die   (June 2014)
Aphelion   (June 2014)
Perihelion   (June 2014)
The Book of Enlightenment   (May 2014)
Luck   (March 2014)
Paintbox, orange   (March 2014)
Michaelmas   (March 2014)
April   (March 2014)
The Power of the Sun   (March 2014)
Admiration - The Secret Files   (February 2014)
Prince Lament   (February 2014)
The Irish   (February 2014)
Robin Redbreast   (February 2014)
The Judgement of Paris   (February 2014)
The Sunshine Special   (January 2014)
Lost Cause   (September 2013)
Spindleberries   (August 2013)
Before the Law   (August 2013)
Human Laws   (August 2013)
Observations   (August 2013)
The Hermit   (August 2013)
The Banker   (August 2013)
St. Bartholomew's Day   (August 2013)
Making the perfect Cuppa   (July 2013)
The Tale of Melanie Reid   (June 2013)
Hay Fever & Prickly Heat   (June 2013)
All Fool's Day   (May 2013)
The Paintbox   (March 2013)
An Arrow of Sorrow   (February 2013)
Bumbleberry Fool's Parfait   (February 2013)
The Shortest Story Ever!   (January 2013)
Braveheart's Closest Ally   (January 2013)
The Vagabond   (January 2013)
The Land of Dreams   (November 2012)
Vegetable & Fruit Boxes   (October 2012)
Tip for Drying Herbs   (October 2012)
Entrance to Heaven   (October 2012)
Paradise   (September 2012)
Lily's Black Coffee   (August 2012)
The Hare and the Tortoise   (July 2012)
The Frog and the Snail   (July 2012)
The Shocking Truth   (July 2012)
The Water of Eternal Youth   (May 2012)
The Kiss   (April 2012)
Magic Winning Potion   (April 2012)
The White Knights   (March 2012)
The Red Knights   (March 2012)
The Black Knights   (March 2012)
The Green Knights   (March 2012)
Medicine   (January 2012)
Midwinter   (January 2012)
Honey Cake   (December 2011)
The Sage's Bride   (November 2011)
Hell   (October 2011)
Natural Water   (October 2011)
Souvenirs from Buenos Aires   (August 2011)
Crazy Cocktail   (June 2011)
Inside Out Bounty Tart   (February 2011)
Ali the Persian   (January 2011)
Sighing   (November 2010)
The Queen of Hearts   (October 2010)
The Shield of the White Knights   (September 2010)
I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls   (July 2010)
The Castle Garden   (June 2010)
Paradise   (June 2010)
Economics   (May 2010)
Good and Evil   (May 2010)
The Battlefields   (April 2010)
My Court Jester   (April 2010)
The Quest   (April 2010)
The Princess of the Tower   (March 2010)
Two Kings and a Frenchman   (March 2010)
Arabian Coffee with Chocolate Mints   (March 2010)
The Vow of Silence   (February 2010)
The Three Apples   (February 2010)
The Hombre   (February 2010)
University Education   (February 2010)
Winter 2010   (February 2010)
Autumn 2009   (September 2009)
Read these short stories, wise words & secrets online
by clicking on its title.
Also the following stories, tales & magical dishes have been
updated or improved:
January   (January 2020)
Braveheart and the Monster   (January 2020)
Good and Evil   (December 2019)
The Forces of Darkness   (December 2019)
Truth Serum   (December 2019)
The Paintbox   (December 2019)
The Hidden Treasure   (December 2019)
High Society   (December 2019)
Earth Day   (December 2019)
Tales from the Northern Forests   (December 2019)
The Universe   (November 2019)
The Today's Special   (November 2019)
The Cosy Kitchen Diary   (November 2019)
Education   (November 2019)
Summer   (November 2019)
Perihelion   (November 2019)
Truth Serum   (November 2019)
Sailing   (November 2019)
Virtue   (October 2019)
All Fool's Day   (October 2019)
Truth Serum   (October 2019)
Dinner for Two   (October 2019)
Row, row, row... The Hidden Message   (October 2019)
The Quest   (October 2019)
The Vow of Silence, continued   (October 2019)
Fury   (October 2019)
Education - A Secret File   (October 2019)
FYI   (October 2019)
What to do   (September 2019)
Death - A Secret File   (September 2019)
Winter - Tales from the Northern Forests   (September 2019)
Summer - Tales from the Northern Forests   (September 2019)
Le Bistrot du Porc's Doggy Bag   (September 2019)
The Sport Special   (September 2019)
Human Laws - A Secret File   (September 2019)
Motu - A Bedtime Story   (September 2019)
Devil's Delight   (September 2019)
The Universe - A Secret File   (August 2019)
The Shield of the White Knights   (August 2019)
A Treasure, Precious & Indispensable   (August 2019)
The Sunshine Special   (August 2019)
Beauty - A Secret File   (July 2019)
February - Tales from the Northern Forests   (July 2019)
January - Tales from the Northern Forests   (July 2019)
Autumn - Tales from the Northern Forests   (July 2019)
Autumn's Harvest   (July 2019)
Summer - Tales from the Northern Forests   (July 2019)
Virtue - A Secret File   (July 2019)
The Paintbox   (June 2019)
The Sunshine Special   (April 2019)
Tales of Knightly Deeds (continued)   (March 2019)
What to do - Tales of Knightly Deeds   (March 2019)
February - Tales from the Northern Forests   (February 2019)
Beelzebub's Feast - Tales from the Northern Forests   (February 2019)
The Fountain of Youth   (February 2019)
January - Tales from the Northern Forests   (January 2019)
June - Tales from the Northern Forests   (January 2019)
Spring - Tales from the Northern Forests   (January 2019)
Tales from the Northern Forests   (July 2018)
September - Tales from the Northern Forests   (July 2018)
July - Tales from the Northern Forests   (May 2018)
The Last Chapter   (May 2018)
The Bread of Angels - Food for the Soul   (April 2018)
March - Tales from the Northern Forests   (April 2018)
All Fool's Day - Tales from the Northern Forests   (March 2018)
Halloween - Tales from the Northern Forests   (February 2018)
Midwinter - Tales from the Northern Forests   (February 2018)
Winter - Tales from the Northern Forests   (January 2018)
Perihelion - Tales from the Northern Forests   (January 2018)
March - Tales from the Northern Forests   (December 2017)
February - Tales from the Northern Forests   (November 2017)
January - Tales from the Northern Forests   (November 2017)
April   (October 2017)
Clarified Consommé   (August 2017)
The Fountain of Youth   (August 2017)
It is Story Time!   (March 2017)
Making the perfect Cuppa - Tips   (February 2017)
The Earthquake - A bedtime story   (January 2017)
Valentine's Day   (January 2017)
The Mystique of The Louse and the Flea   (November 2016)
The Shadows of Time   (October 2016)
The Love Potion - Elixir d'Amour   (September 2016)
Death - A Secret File   (September 2016)
Bumbleberry Fool's Parfait - Fool-quote   (September 2016)
The Forces of Darkness   (September 2016)
Happy Meal - For creating happiness   (August 2016)
The Cosy Kitchen Diary   (August 2016)
Braveheart and the Monster   (August 2016)
Closed Doors   (August 2016)
Summertime   (July 2016)
Summer   (July 2016)
Family Dinner - For the lonesome traveller   (July 2016)
The LAW   (July 2016)
Hay Fever & Prickly Heat - Three tips   (July 2016)
Expresso Oriente - For goal getters & strivers   (June 2016)
Making the perfect cuppa   (May 2016)
In a New Bottle - With Unmissable Afterword   (May 2016)
Bitterness & Quarrelsomeness   (May 2016)
Destiny - Does destiny exist   (May 2016)
The Land of Dreams - The importance of dreams   (May 2016)
Illness & Disease - The secret of health   (May 2016)
The Hare and the Tortoise   (April 2016)
The Tiger - Lost Jewel   (April 2016)
The Runner - A long forgotten Truth   (April 2016)
Bedtime Stories - Index page   (April 2016)
The Shadows of Time - Index page   (April 2016)
The Forces Above - A World War II story   (April 2016)
The Universe - A Secret File   (April 2016)
Illness & Disease - The secret of health   (March 2016)
April   (March 2016)
The LAW   (February 2016)
The Weaponry of a White Knight   (February 2016)
The Forces of Darkness   (February 2016)
The Quest   (February 2016)
Lent   (February 2016)
Midwinter   (February 2016)
February   (February 2016)
January   (February 2016)
The Shadows of Time   (January 2016)
Winter   (January 2016)
Copyright   (January 2016)
Observations - A little memoir   (December 2015)
The Shadows of Time   (November 2015)
The LAW   (October 2015)
Prince Jealousy   (October 2015)
Education   (October 2015)
Halloween   (October 2015)
The Tale of The Three Apples   (August 2015)
Dinner for Two   (August 2015)
Heaven - The Cosy Kitchen Diary   (June 2015)
High Society - Book of Tales' satirical magazine   (June 2015)
Happy Meal - Wise Words for creating happiness   (May 2015)
Sunshine Special - Against the blues   (May 2015)
Education   (May 2015)
A White Knight's Deeds   (April 2015)
Imbolc, the Feast of Brighid   (April 2015)

New in the DUTCH Room

Sinterklaas   (December 2016)
De Mensenziel   (Augustus 2016)
Herinnering   (September 2014)
Vlasov   (December 2013)
Limonade   (December 2013)
Fyodor's Parel   (Oktober 2013)
De Winstmakers   (Februari 2013)
Armoede   (Juni 2012)
De Kus   (April 2012)
Het Houten Beeldje   (December 2011)
De Gouden Munten   (Oktober 2011)
De Spiegel   (Juni 2011)
Een Onzichtbare Wereld   (Mei 2011)
Margaretha   (April 2011)
De Prins en de Prinses   (Januari 2011)
De Giftige Kam   (December 2010)
De Ceintuur   (December 2010)
Een Valentiaans Raadseltje   (Augustus 2010)
Mestreechs Heukske   (Augustus 2010)
De Piloot   (Juli 2010)
Het Einde   (Mei 2010)
De Zaligsprekingen van Thomas   (Mei 2010)
Mijn Parijs   (Maart 2010)
De Donder   (Januari 2010)
PS   As you can see in the Dutch Room everything is in Dutch.


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